Our Top Tips On How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Nico and I have written our top tips below, that will hopefully give you a more enjoyable long-haul flight. We would love to hear your recommendations, so please feel free to comment below.

Here we go…

Wear Comfy Clothing

During your flight, wearing comfy clothing is essential, as it can get quite nippy/cold! For example, tracksuit bottoms and a baggy hoodie.


Food is key! When I flew to Australia, I brought a foot long Subway sandwich onto the plane and trust me it was more scrumptious than the economy plane food! Although, if you’re not flying in economy then you will be treated with highly delicious food, thus no foot long Subway sandwich is needed. Furthermore, nothing is better than bringing nibbles to fill your mid-flight munchies. We recommend peanut and chocolate M&Ms. Nibbles is the way to survive people!


Your pillow will become your best friend! Either bring a pillow from home or buy a cheap travel pillow at the airport, both will do the job. A pillow will help you sleep and prevent your head from rolling onto the passengers next to you, as it’s an AWKWARD situation when it happens. Trust me, I know! Consequently, a pillow will also prevent yourself from dribbling onto your neighbours and hide the drool from passengers on their way to the airplane toilets. This is the key reason why Nico uses a pillow.

Avoid choosing seats by the toilets.

Speaking of toilets, never choose an aisle seat by the airplane toilets, as you will never fall asleep, due to having your head knocked about by passengers queuing for the toilet. Here is a simple observation we have made from our previous experiences of long haul flights: The longer the flight = The drunker the passengers will be = The more knocked about you will get! Furthermore, if anyone tries to join “The Mile High Club”, then you will hear it. This may be pleasurable for some, but probably not for the majority. So, BE WARNED. Also, throughout the duration of the flight, especially post-meal time, you will encounter a range of different smells and sounds coming from inside the toilets. Again, you have BE WARNED!

To continue this tirade of reasons why you should not choose an aisle seat by the airplane toilets is by the time the food trolley comes to your aisle, we can guarantee you that the meal you want will not be available. As a result, will have to settle on cheese and crackers for all of your flight meals. This is because of the airplane operator’s decision not to stock up on the meals most people choose. Although, this is when our advice on the foot long Subway sandwich and snacks will come in handy.

Bring an empty bottle

This is essential item to bring on board the airplane, as you need to keep yourself hydrated! Once you pass security you can refill your bottle at the airport and on the plane. Try and avoid the free alcohol available on board the airplane, as you will become even more de-hydrated due to the airplane pressure, which will result in a worse hangover.

Bring a toothbrush.
There’s nothing more refreshing than brushing your teeth, as a result you feel clean and perky.

Bring your own headphones

Everyone has a different size head, mine being one of the smallest, therefore the airplane headphones given to me are normally too big to stay on my wee pea-head. If you too have a small head, then make sure you bring your own pair of headphones, as let’s face it you’re going to be watching movies so headphones are a must. Unless, if your one of the chosen ones who can stare into space for a 24 hour flight, then headphones are not needed.


11 thoughts on “Our Top Tips On How To Survive A Long Haul Flight

  1. Great list! I think toothbrush is something most people forget…I know I did when I first started taking overnight planes, trains, or buses. It’s so easy to pack in your checked luggage and then wish desperately that you had one. And a good travel case for your toothbrush is so necessary!

      1. We’re currently in Asheville, North Carolina. Going to Cuba in 2 weeks though and cannot wait!

  2. Handy wipes / Kleenex / hanky. I have allergies so theres nothing worse than once the lights go dim for people to sleep than having a sneeze attack and getting up just for TP to blow my nose! Also wet wipes for your hands, just a general good thing to have “Handy”.

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