It’s Time To Be Sorted At Hogwarts School

Stepping, nervously through the enormous Great Hall doors towards a group of nervous looking first year students, I could feel my heart bouncing off the majestic hall walls. Feeling every students’ wandering eyes on me, when walking past huge rows of tables filled with delicious looking food and hungry students, I hurried towards the group of first years, who were standing behind what seemed to be a large, brown coloured, and pointed hat sat high on a wooden stool. It was soon however obvious that this was no ordinary hat, but one that could identify the house you would go into at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It was not long till Professor McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor House, called my name to be sorted. What must have been a matter of seconds, felt like years, when walking to the stool where I would be sorted. I sat down and could feel my future about to be somewhat revealed. Slowly, Mrs McGonagall lowered the Sorting Hat over my eyes and then, darkness. Not knowing what would happen next I suddenly felt the hat breathing into both my ears, whispering a slithering sound, “ssssssssssssss”. Suddenly, an overwhelming feeling of bravely emerged, then out of nowhere a loud booming sound of “Gryffindor” reverberated around the hall, which was soon greeted with an explosion of cheers. Opening my eyes quickly, I was greeted with a thunder of applause from students wearing Red, Yellow and Blue, although not those in Green.

Happy Harry Potter 20th Anniversary. 

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