An incredible start to your Queenstown adventure is to experience what the other 17 million visitors have enjoyed!

Almost 17 million visitors have experienced the amazing Skyline in Queenstown. After the scenic uphill Gondola ride, you are welcomed with astonishing views at the top of Bob’s Peak overlooking the “Adventure Capital of the World”. This jaw-dropping attraction offers plenty of perfect photography spots of the Lake Wakatipu and the breath-taking “Remarkables” mountains. Otherwise known as “Godzilla’s Back” – well only to us.

One of the biggest reasons we visited this attraction was to race each other down the 800m hill on a non-motorised cart, known as the Luge. Before, this race of a life-time began you had to be carried further up the hill on a chairlift, which boasts a spectacular backdrop, perfect for the photo the Skyline Luge took of you half way up. After, reaching the climatic end of the chairlift it was time for us to get our game face on.  Neither of us wanted to lose, although after more than 10 highly enjoyable Luge races, I could crown myself the winner. Much to Vicky’s annoyance.

After, celebrating appropriately by winding Vicky up it was time to enjoy a delicious tasting coffee and a slice of mouth-watering chocolate cake at the Skyline’s café. It was here that I found my most incredible coffee spot in the world. Slowly sipping my warm coffee, I could admire the vast scenery, the powerful geographical features and the magical shimmering Lake Wakatipu. There’s also an opportunity to capture a fun photo for your social media pages of the huge Jelly Belly Statue, accompanied with the amazing backdrop of Queenstown.

To finish an awesome couple of days on top of the Skyline Queenstown, yes, we went up there twice as it was too much fun, the Gift Shop provided plenty of wonderful souvenirs to bring back home. Ranging from beautiful New Zealand Greenstone and Paua jewellery to adorable Kiwi souvenirs, this gift shop had it all. Especially their Wakatipu rugby apparel, which Vicky and I couldn’t resist purchasing the ridiculously cool and warm Wakatipu local rugby club hoodie and supporters’ shorts. Resulting in becoming my favourite pieces of clothing. Also, perfect for travelling. Furthermore, I have a rule of only purchasing products from places that have an incredible customer service, in which this Gift Shop sure does. Their friendly and helpful staff allowed our visit to end with a huge smile on our faces and highly recommend visiting them!

While Queenstown offers an enormous number of actives to fuel your adrenaline rush, the Skyline Queenstown is one that should not be ignored. It’s this place where you’re able to truly take in the astonishing views, the magic and power Queenstown has to offer.

– Rocking out the Wakatipu Rugby Club Hoodie at Milford Sound. Thanks to the amazing Skyline Queenstown Gift Store.

Visit Skyline Queenstown

Visit Skyline Queenstown Online Gift Shop

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