Our Top Packing Essentials Tips For Your Sweet As Trip!

Our Top Packing Essentials Tips For Your Sweet As Trip!

 Hola! Before you embark on your amazing adventure, we have written some off our Key Essentials that we believe you may need “For Your Sweet As Trip!”

  1. Travel documents
  • Your passport is the most important item you need to bring on your travels, especially if you want to be allowed past border control and be served alcoholic beverages on those crazy night outs. Also, it’s a good idea to have a photocopy print out of the photo page of your passport, just in case your passport goes missing.
  • Remember to pack your plane tickets, event tickets, credit/debit card, and money. Also, we advise paying for medical and travel insurance, especially if you’re planning to participate in extreme activities. Furthermore, we recommend paying for your insurance before you voyage on your thrill-seeking trip!


  1. Medical Advice
  • Unfortunately, nasty bugs and illnesses can still get you even when you’re abroad, so we advise you to bring any medication and first-aid items you feel you need, such as pain killers, tweezers, small scissors, plasters, bite cream, tissues, insect repellent, and antiseptic wipes. Also, sun cream and after-sun cream are essential people!!! Don’t become a Nico when he is in the sun, as he becomes Mr. Lobby (an extremely burnt person).


  1. Electronics
  • Electronics are another important travel essential, especially if you want to take photos, access your social media accounts, and research places to visit. As a result, remember to pack travel adapters, chargers, mobile phone, camera, laptop, etc…


  1. Clothing
  • Unless you want to be arrested by the time you arrive at your destination then we advise you to wear and bring clothes. Also, spend time researching your destination, in order to establish what clothes to bring. For example, if you are travelling to a country that has a cold climate, then maybe it is best to avoid bringing singlets and bikinis. Furthermore, research the place you are going to, in order to understand the dress code for that place, as you may need to cover up certain body’s parts that you usually don’t cover up out of respect for their culture and traditions.
  • Go crazy on shoes and flip flops 🙂


  1. Bathroom
  • Preparing to go abroad can be chaotic, which can unfortunately at times result in forgetting to pack key essential items, such as bathroom accessories. As a result:
  1. Girls remember to pack make-up, make-up wipes, period pads, perfume, hairbrush, straighteners, curlers, hair dryer, compact mirror, dry shampoo, shower gel, hair clips and bobbles.
  2. Boys remember to pack shaving equipment, shaving cream, cologne, aftershave.
  3. Both – razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, contacts and solution.
  1. Extras
  • Finally, these may be important items to bring: headphones, books, iPad, snacks, ear plugs, water, travel pillow 🙂


We hope this helps and makes your packing experience a little less stressful! Also, we would love to hear your packing essentials tips, so please feel free to comment below or message us.

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