Our Top Tips On Travelling Around Europe

Our Top Tips On Travelling Around Europe

There are currently 44 countries in Europe, according to the United Nations, which means there are plenty of places to explore and immerse yourself in! Although, if you only have a short amount of time to travel around Europe, then we hope this article will help with how to choose which countries to visit in a short amount of time, how best to travel around Europe, and the dangers of night trains!

Firstly, we recommend these places to visit, with Amsterdam being the first place to start:

  1. Amsterdam – Netherlands
  2. Berlin – Germany
  3. Prague – Czech Slovakia
  4. Budapest – Hungary
  5. Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik – Croatia

While you can choose to visit more places in 22 days, we believe the number of places we visited provided us with more time to explore them. Furthermore, you may be thinking why these places? Well, to put it quite simply, we just wanted to visit these places over all the other beautiful places Europe has to offer. We know that isn’t the greatest of reasons, but sometimes you just need to follow where your heart tells you. That’s the beauty of a traveller. We wanted to see culture, history and sun, which we believed these countries provided. In hindsight, we were right. Although, if our itinerary isn’t the one for you, then no problem! You can easily create an alternative itinerary. J Our itinerary was carefully chosen to reduce time travelling from place to place, in order to spend more time exploring, sightseeing, eating, drinking, and having fun. As a result, we recommend spending time crafting your itinerary so you avoid spending more time on a train than in a country.

The best method to travel between each place is through purchasing online an Inter-Rail pass. Here, you can choose what type of pass you want. The pass we chose is no longer available, although a similar pass that is available is the “22 days continuous”. This allows you travel to unlimited amount of places within 22 days.  We cannot recommend highly enough the importance of purchasing an Inter-Rail pass, as opting for one really will save you huge amounts money, thus should definitely be a necessary purchase to your inter-rail trip!

Finally, an important question we would like to address is “what is it like to travel on the trains at night?” This is entirely subjective, and our views may be different to others, but we strongly recommend you travel with somebody else if you choose to travel by train at night. We did have a couple of scary moments, such as men peering into our cabin and watching us sleep and drunken men imposing us to drink alcohol. The worse story we’ve heard was when people in a sleeper cabin were gassed by thieves, who then stole everyone’s valuables once the passengers were passed out. As a result, there is a real danger travelling by train at night and should be considered as a last resort. Although, we came out alive with no valuables stolen, and know other travellers who have had no problems.

We will  upload a full itinerary in the future, but in the meantime if you need help with planning your trip around Europe then please get in touch! Vicky and I are here to help.


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