What is it like to travel with a Hobbit?

 To briefly summarise what it is like to travel with a Hobbit (a.k.a Vicky), is that once you have managed to get past the horrific smelling feet, disgusting eating habits, the back problems from constantly having to bend your back for those beloved selfies, and sleeping in beds half the size of you. Then, travelling with a hobbit is great!

One big advantage of travelling with a Hobbit is the royalties you get when you travel to New Zealand. You suddenly get celebrity status, as seen when visiting the Hobbiton movie set in Matamata, near Rotorua. We actually had people believe Vicky was an extra from the Middle Earth films, and asking for pictures with her. Check out the picture below to see how at home Vicky was in a Hobbit hole.

To conclude this exclusive insight into the life of travelling with a Hobbit is that I strongly recommend bringing with you a selfie stick, feet odour spray, and a bib for eating. This way you’re prepared for all the habits a Hobbit brings on tour.


Here we are having a Hobbiton Beer in the actual Green Dragon Inn!

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