The Travelling Mooseys & Salt Water Vibes’ 5 Essential Items To Survive Being Stranded On An Island

Could you imagine being stranded on an island with your significant other and only allowed to have five items each!? We had the best time figuring out our five items, let us know what you and your SO come up with in the comments!

The Travelling Mooseys


  1. Firstly, I guess I would have to bring Vicky to avoid having to face her Irish temper! Although, I would tell her that I couldn’t bare thinking of being apart from her.
  2. Next item would have to be sun cream. The sun and I do not have a great relationship, as I typically end up looking like a burnt lobster. As a result, this is a MUST bring item.
  3. While I have never been stranded on a desert island before, I can imagine it’s a perfect place to find your sun tan. An inflatable strawberry donut is therefore a much needed item! I might as well enjoy my time by bobbling on the sea.
  4. If lightsabres actually existed, then I would have to bring one. Lightsabres are a very practical tool for wood-cutting, starting fires and protecting ourselves from potential threats like crabs.
  5. While they’re other items I would love to bring, such as a portable fridge to store coconut milk and ear plugs to muffle Vicky’s moaning, I guess I need a Survival Guide to help Vicky and I get through this strange ordeal.

I hope I have chosen the right essential items to survive on a desert island, otherwise I could become a serious burnt lobster and end up being stuck with a mad Irish woman.


To start my list of the five essential items, I would take Nico with me. As he picked me, I feel like I should pick him to. I guess he would also provide entertainment, as I could annoy and play with him. Also, I am awful at cooking so I would need him to feed me.

  1. Secondly, I would bring matches to help us start fires, in order to create warmth, an SOS signal and to cook meals with. It is a handy tool to have.
  2. Thirdly, a blanket is a must! I definitely need to feel warm and comfy. In other words, feeling “Roasty Toasty”.
  3. Fourthly, a Solar Panel Torch is a necessity, as it would create light in the dark and could be used to send out emergency signals.
  4. Finally, my last item would be an unlimited supply of Nutella. I LOVE NUTELLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It brings me so much joy and happiness.

While Nico seems to feel an inflatable donut is a necessity for survival, I’ve gone for a wiser approach. Although, I couldn’t resist writing down Nutella.

Salt Water Vibes


  1. The first item I would bring is and iPod. I can’t live without music, and dancing around is one of our favorite things to do together so music is a must.
  2. The next item is my Gummy Worms. If I can somehow make them last forever I would ha. I guess I’ll just have to savage them out, but I can’t be without them!
  3. Obviously I would need a speaker so when we have our dance parties we can actually jam to the music!
  4. Baby Wipes!! Who knows how clean this island is goanna be right? At lest wiping my feet off before bed will make me feel better.
  5. Finally I would bring my pillow because I do not sleep well on the ground!

Savannah Rose

  1. For me, the very first thing I would pack is a camera! I mean if were stuck somewhere, especially an island, I would want to just take pictures all day long! I figure we will have plenty of time to think of cute poses J
  2. Next, I would bring a Britta water bottle! I don’t go any where without my hydro flask because staying hydrated is so important to me. This way I can take water right from the ocean and feel safe to drink it!
  3. SUNGLASSES! I have got to keep my eyes covered because I hate squinting into the sun.
  4. I would have to bring a journal and pens to document our whole experience. I think reflecting on each day is important and if I was stranded I am sure it would keep me saner!!
  5. Finally, my last item would be a blanket. I get SO cold SO easily. Staying warm is high on my list if happy things.

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