Why Do We Travel Abroad?

 The answer to this question is entirely subjective. Everyone travels due to many different reasons, such as to immersive themselves into new cultures or to escape their parents. There isn’t an objective reason, although travelling abroad is an important aspect of life, in order to explore what is on our tiny planet. Vicky and I believe a common theme among travellers’ reasons behind their decision to travel abroad is to gain new experiences, explore new cultures, meet new people, and explore new places. Although, this is completely subjective as you may believe differently, which is totally cool!

Identifying the key reasons behind why people travel abroad is a fascinating topic, especially when travelling abroad was seen a decade ago as being unusual and abnormal. It’s quite amazing how globalisation has been an important factor in rapidly shifting this paradigm towards how it is now seen as unusual and abnormal not to travel abroad. As seen by the rapidly increasing number of commercial aircraft in the world set to double in the next two decades, with a demand for 35,000 new planes over the next 20 years, due to an increase of people wanting to travel abroad.

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